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Some time ago I became faschinated by H.P. Baxxter/Scooter. I have do admit, that “success” impresses me. Scooter works in a field, that is stramge tp me. He has related “shouting with a strange metal-microphon” during playing sweat-producing party-music to his name, like a “brand” in way, that could have been thought conceptually, potential concept-art. I should ask him, if we meet…

160205 Bild für Baxxter Text

Actually, besides the fact, that I know, where his studio ist and which cars standing around might belong tto him I do not know H.P. Certanily he is driving a olive-green pick-up with a “free tibet”-Stiucker and for shure he is driving s black jaguae e-Tupe, in hwich I have seen him times ago, when I drove to my mother, close to the fire-station Maienweg. That “meeting” I took as a reason to wrtie to him – that was 2 years ago… Continue reading