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The same day I send the Email to Katja Lüke – who is responsible for “inclusion” at the Deutsche (german) Olympische (olympic) Sport (sports) Bund (association) – she called me to find out, what I want. I could only say: I do not know, lets find out! What we found out was: Nobody gave me the briefing to create the BDIOS (I really like the fact, that DOSB and BDIOS look quite the same…) – so who am I working for? She was sceptic, if I represent the aims of many paralympic athlets. I should start to find out more about that, ask the Hamburg-Para-Athlets, what they think of my idea.


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The lame tiger shrugs

For some time the office lays down on the ground of reality, I lay down with my exclusice inclusive idea. Still I think, that inclusive olympic games would be the right statement at the right time. Still I feel, that I push it only for millimeters – by a distance of 42,195 km. Some time ago an impulse of “keep on going” flickered through my bones: I was at my friend Manuel Zonouzi, who runs the nice and small hairdresser-shop “Die schöne Brigitte”.


Next to me a woman in a wheelchair and her daughter were waiting like me for their appointement.

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