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Klaus Becker, office for inclusion

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Während ich Klaus Becker meine Idee erläutere, beginnt er auffällig zu schmunzeln und meint, wenn ich fertig wäre, könne er erklären, warum. Vor ca 2-3 Jahren wurden verschiedene „Player“ der „Behindertenszene“ (Inklusionsbüro, Behindertensportverbände etc.) gefragt, wie sie denn die Paralympics durchführen würden, wenn Olympia nach HH kommen würde. Becker hatte damals gesagt: Garnicht! Um den Gedanken der Inklusion ernst zu nehmen, sollten alle Wettbewerbe in einer Veranstaltung stattfinden.

Klaus Becker Milchpackungen 400x225

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With broken toe at Dr. C

I have to change my blog-habits. Up to know I organised meetings to develop the BDIOS, wrote texts, edited, waited (to long) and posted. The benchmark for posting was to high. I have to get more “bloggy”. Yesterday I met doctor C, my first toe is broken.  Dr. C is a former olympic participant and olympic official. After he diagnosed my toe I confronted him with the vision of the BDIOS. Immediately he pointed out, why it is not possible to do so, the games will get to long, the amount of challenges will not be able to organise etc. Besides he liked the idea, that related olympic and paralympic sports could be seen in the same arena one after the other. The games would become more attractive. I will look forward to see him outside his consultation hour…