In between sense and impossibility – cabaret?!

From time to time the question appears, how to deal with the fact, that the BDIOS is located inbetween a continuum of sense and impossibilty – even if those are two unsatisfactory polarities. Related to “inclusion” my idea seems deeply logically. Related to my life-span it is impossible to get to the point, where inclusive olympic games will happen. (planning-timelines, size of the involved partners, expected stubbornnes in huge institutions, that are economically conotated – the “Paralympics” are a trademark, where shareholders generate profit – both financially and ideologically)

170422 Kabarett 400x225

Uta proposed to make “Cabaret” with that topic. Maybe a way to deal with the facts. But – up to now – I never had the idea of beeing a cabarettist/comedian – even if I can image some see the BDIOS in that perspecive. How to become a cabarettist? Uta knows a guy who has a disabilety, is involved in the paralympic organisation and also is a cabarettist. Maybe I should ask him for private tutoring. The photo I use to illustrate these thoughts has nothing do do with them. I visit elementary schools with wheelchairs, so pupils can make experiences. The image shows a visit at the Altengamme church during the schoolday.


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