PortJourney Conference in Helsinki – Ambivalence I

PortJourney (portjourneys.org) is a network of harbour-cities all over the world. Emerging in 2012 from Yokohama, Japan it has developped and grown. At this years annual meeting I had the chance to present inclulympics to the directors of the different partners. I spoke about two ambivalences:

first: following or questioning Joseph Beuys

following: Since I studied art Beuys was an important input and inspiration for me. Being the scholar of Bernhard Johannes Blume, who worked with Beuys (for example: talking about trees), his ideas allways where in the room. The idea to work in the social space as an artist seems to be unthinkable without Beuys extended art concept. So I followed in the meaning of being willing to work on a better society as an artist.

questioning: The concept of “social sculpture” has a meaning in relation to Beuys in his presence and time. The quote “every human being is an artist” has lost its provocation, at least because not everybody wants to be an artist. Martin Kippenbergers reply: “Every artist is a human being” leads in the right direction. Every action, that people do, is as much effect- and fruit-full if it is done with the persons whole heart, brain and hands. If you need to be called an artist, to reach out for that – do it. If you want to call yourself an autonomous activist – go for it.

second: poetics versus realistics – will be written soon.

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