Auf der Stelle treten

This week nobody seems to be in reach. No reaction on contact-wishes. The sponsor “Feuer und Flamme GmbH” is asking for report about the project status. Where do I stand? In my proposal I have set a relation to the Hamburg application for the Olympics – was that right? The question of inclusive olympic games is totally independant of the place where they will be held. In every coutry of this world I am sure, that the idea is right! At the same moment I suspect that in the next 5 to 10 years no openness for enforcing the inclulympics will apprear. Is this background downgrading the quality of the idea? Does this mean, it is becoming a “vision”? Is “vision” the comforting word for unenforceable changes? At what point of the process of implementation starts satisfaction? I ly to myself and content: RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING!

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