The lame tiger shrugs

For some time the office lays down on the ground of reality, I lay down with my exclusice inclusive idea. Still I think, that inclusive olympic games would be the right statement at the right time. Still I feel, that I push it only for millimeters – by a distance of 42,195 km. Some time ago an impulse of “keep on going” flickered through my bones: I was at my friend Manuel Zonouzi, who runs the nice and small hairdresser-shop “Die schöne Brigitte”.


Next to me a woman in a wheelchair and her daughter were waiting like me for their appointement.

Allready this fact filled me with joy – not many points of contact happen in the daily live. While her daugter was coiffed, she started to talk about Rio, where she was for the paralympics to win a silver medal. I eavesdropped – and quickly intervened and started talking about my project. Her reaction was, that she sees organisational problems. Thats allmost  the only reaction I got up to now. Is it the easiest social accepted rejection? She is a wheelchair-basketball-player and gave me a counterpart for inclusion at the german olympic sports association (DOSB). Am I the only one, who really wants to find out, what it means to start working on inclusive olympic games? If the lame tiger will come on its feet again, I want to ask her, what my idea means for her and the DOSB will be contacted soon after…

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